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Lateral Thinking


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These games have the profile of puzzles and some games are played against the computer. They are real MINDGAMES and are meant for both children and adults. There is something about a puzzle which appeals to almost everyone, young and old. It trains young minds at the same time it is Fun. For men it can sharpen their wits and increase their logical thinking processes. It is true Edutainment. These games will not satisfy those who want to shoot, bomb and see blood, nor will it satisfy people who want games of  dexterity and chance. The selection of the games rank from those devised from ancient times or found in some books of Mathematical recreations, and some are original. 

Reading provides knowledge and is also a source of recreation. Therefore it is strongly suggested you read the rules for the puzzles carefully before you PLAY them as otherwise you may get frustrated and condemn the game itself which is self defeating. Reading the rules itself is a part of the process to logically tackle the puzzle or game.

DECANTATION puzzles where you move between the jars to attain a given objective. Easy except for 19,13,7  &   4 jars

You MOVE or JUMP over markers in a horizontal row. Rather easy except for 5-Couples puzzle

Jars Puzzles

Alignment Puzzles

    3Jars (8:5:3),   3jars ( 19:13:7)

4 Jars,              Two Jars

LinePair                      Crossover


WEIGHMENTS. 2-pan Puzzles with no weights.  Apart from Find Ball, you may require a paper and pencil ! LOGIC puzzles. The first requires Lateral Thinking. 'Patterns'  requires  inductive logic and is new to the realm of puzzles.

Weigh Puzzles

Logic Puzzles

Find Ball       Master Ball

Three balls             Six Balls

3 Box Labels         Patterns

Treasure Coup 

PICKING games. You play against the computer. Some are rather tough & may require paper and pencil FAIRY CHESS. This is not chess but chess puzzles. The pieces move like they do in Chess but on different checker boards.   


Fairy Chess 

          Monopile           NIM

   Fibonacci Nim       Moores Nim

   Wythoffs Nim        Monodice

Swap Knights ( 4 and 6 )

Two Knights Tours

Chess in a Pistol


Puzzles developed by me based on those  created by the greatest Puzzle Maker  H. E. Dudeney

Sliding Blocks

 Dudeneys Car Garage

 The Triangles