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My name is Chandru Arni and live in Hyderabad, India. I had taken an intense interest in Mathematical games and puzzles over 60 years back and was writing a book and making physical models during my spare hours. Around 1981 when the ZX81 Sinclair home computer was released  (with a memory of 1K and memory pack of 16K!), my brother gifted one to me. From then onwards the computer bug had me. I was then 50, and needled my way via Commodore VIC20 and IBM PC XT (286). By 1990 over 80 Math games/ puzzles were ready, using GWBASIC, as that possibly was the only language I was capable of learning alone. 

I felt (and still feel) that mathematics and logic are best taught through the media of games and puzzles. During this period there was no Internet for the Home in India. I gave about 50 of these games/puzzles that I liked free to a PC magazine and some BBS (Bulletin Board Services) to allow its readers to play them. I had a pretty good response. They were titled "Mathematical Recreations". The reason for selecting the latter name was that many games were in written form in old essays by pioneers and mathematical professors like Rouse Ball and Maurice Kraitchik (under that same heading ) way back in the 1940's, and I was coding them for the computer.

Later ZDNET (Ziff Davies) in 1998 sought me to allow them to place these games on a CDROM and permit its free use. I accepted and there were about 20000 to 50000 downloads of these games which bore the title "50 great Mathematical games". (I don't know whether the downloads resulted because of reader's interest in the subject or downloaded as they were FREE!) This Agreement did NOT bind me from anything I wanted to do; and recently they have said that I can do as I please as they are now no longer interested. After all they were keyboard controlled DOS games and now crashed on these faster machines! 

Due to the rapid progress in speed made by computers and different platforms of Java and Flash and the use of the mouse, I was not in a position to port them due to my having to learn a new language at my age. I therefore resorted to have some of them coded to FLASH at a fee. I supplied the Coder the DOS game, the artwork, the Strategy and the sounds.

This website was created by me in 2006. With the demise of FLASH in 2020, I decided to have another Coder convert my games to HTML5, and Mr. Cartrell Hampton from USA was chosen. He has done an excellent job in the translation and also put in some improvements. This has now been completed, and my games layout have now survived 15 years. I am now 93, and hope these mindgames be converted when the time comes as numbers and strategy will survive as long as humans remain humans.


This site appears amateurish as I also did this HTML part of "webbing". I solicit your FEEDBACK. If it is encouraging, I propose to get a professional to do a better job.