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Unfortunately, I have no human to bestow credit . I owe almost everything which I placed on the Home Page of this website to the various books that I had read from 1940 to 1970. 

The only person that I can include in "credits" is  Mr. Oleh Kolesnyk from Ukraine who converted my DOS games to FLASH after having paid for his services via a website rentacoder.com.  I provided all the images, the sounds, the AI and the DOS programs. 

As far as I can recollect these books are (and many are with me) were my inspiration to make these games.

Mathematical Recreations and Essays _ W.W.Rouse Ball
Mathematical Recreations : Maurice Kraitichik
Mathematical Puzzles Geoffrey Mott Smith
Amusements in Mathematics: Henry Ernest Dudeney, 
Mathematical Puzzles of Sam Loyd, 
Mathematical Puzzles and Diversions Martin Gardner
More Mathematical Puzzles and Diversions Martin Gardner
Mathematical Carnival Martin Gardner
Mathematical Circus Martin Gardner